At Trannack Primary School we want all our children to view themselves as ‘mathematicians in training’, who approach maths with positivity and resilience.

We create learning environments that allow our children to feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and have the freedom and time to learn from their errors; we aim to cultivate curiosity, enabling children to explore ideas, ask questions and understand that maths is all around them and an intrinsic part of life. We strive to ensure that our children are mathematically literate, and able to use a broad range of vocabulary to describe and discuss concepts and ideas. We ensure that our children develop fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills and can apply them confidently, both independently and collaboratively. We have high expectations and anticipate that all our children make at least expected progress while at Trannack, with a significant number making accelerated progress, and are pursuing attainment that is above the national average.

Our approach to teaching maths has the National Curriculum at its core, but we adopt principles from AET Maths and White Rose Maths. We use White Rose Maths as a launch-pad for covering the National Curriculum, following their blocks and ‘small steps’ approach as works best with our mixed age class dynamics.

Please see below for a more detailed outline of how we aim to teach Maths at Trannack Primary School:

Trannack Maths Intent, Implementation & Impact


Addition and subtraction calculation policy

Multiplication and Division calculation policy