School Uniform

The purpose of school uniform is to:

  • Encourage a sense of pride and belonging to a community
  • Encourage pupils to take pride in their appearance and presentation
  • Encourage a sense of equality
  • Help ensure pupils’ clothing is practical, appropriate, safe and comfortable
  • Encourage good behaviour for learning by establishing a link between school uniform and expected behaviour in school and lessons.


Pupils are required to wear a royal blue top with a plain white or pale blue polo-shirt.
If parents wish to order uniform items with a Trannack School logo, this can be ordered and paid for directly from

Every effort has been made by the school to ensure that the uniform is a combination of the following:

  • affordable
  • easily sourced
  • good quality
  • a popular choice with the majority of the school community

Dress code

A sensible dress code includes:

  • clean, smart, plain trousers, shorts, skirt or dress preferably in black, grey or navy. To support sensory needs these can be smart, plain jersey trousers
  • skirts, dresses and shorts to be a reasonable, appropriate length
  • plain socks or tights, preferably in black, grey or navy
  • all shoes with socks or tights
  • no open toed sandals or crocs
  • no jewellery except watches and stud ear-rings
  • long hair to be tidy and tied back

PE kit

PE kits should consist of:

  • clean, plain (not patterned) t-shirt, preferably white or pale blue
  • clean, plain (not patterned) shorts, leggings or track suit bottoms, preferably in black, grey or navy
  • pair of socks
  • pair of trainers
  • royal blue school top

Pupils may wear PE kit to school on the day they have PE.

Swimming kit

Swimming kits should consist of:

  • clean pair of swimming trunks or a full swimming costume (not a bikini)
  • clean, dry towel
  • swimming cap for long hair
  • swimming goggles if preferred
  • sensible separate bag