The School Day

To support working parents we operate a breakfast club from 8am to 8.40am.

8.30am – School Gate opens, wake and shake

8:40am – Classrooms open, quiet reading time, registration

8.45am – Registers close

8:55am – Spelling practice

9.05am – Reading/Phonics

9.35am – Maths

10.40am – Playtime

10:55am – Handwriting

11:00 – English/Writing

12.00noon – Lunch time

12:55pm – Registration

1.00pm – Wider curriculum lessons

2:45pm – Assembly (Wednesday to Friday)

3:00pm – Storytime

3.15pm – End of school day



Wednesday: Singing assembly

Thursday: Clergy led or moral story

Friday: Celebration assembly

Parent assemblies take place at the end of each half term.

Parents may request that their children are withdrawn from any assembly.

Arrival and departure

We have a large car park opposite the school grounds that we ask parents to use rather than parking on the lanes around the site. This is for the safety of all road users and pedestrians. We also ask that you are respectful and courteous to other road users when arriving and departing the site.