At Trannack Primary School we want all our children to view themselves as ‘writers in training’ who approach their writing with enthusiasm, creativity and positivity.

To achieve this, we put the teaching of writing at the centre of our broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that every child within our school, regardless of background, ability, or other potential barriers, leaves our school as a competent writer, with an understanding of the conventions of Standard English and when to use it effectively. This ability to write with confidence for a range of purposes and audiences ensures that children leave Trannack fully prepared for their secondary education, ready to achieve their aspirations and thrive in their adult life.

Children leave Trannack with a deep understanding of different text types and how to construct them effectively with clear purpose, appreciating that these structures provide a foundation on which their imagination, creativity and personality can thrive in the texts they write.

Below you will find our full INTENT, IMPLEMENTATION and IMPACT for writing as well as our sequencing model, which is used to form a structure for all our writing units. There is also a progression for the teaching of writing, showing how writing knowledge is built as children move through the school.

Trannack Writing Intent

Trannack writing sequence